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Ted Earley
Occupation Financial advisor, teacher
Played By Adam Arkin
Ted Earley is Charlie Crews' friend and roommate, and a former fellow convict from Pelican Bay. He manages Charlie's settlement money.


Ted is shown as being rather tetchy and very cautious. One time when he was swimming in the pool and a coyote shows up and frightened Ted.

He seems not to have any religious beliefs and has no problem with Charlie's new lifestye.

Ted falls in love with Olivia Canton, the fiancé of Charlie's father.

Early LifeEdit

Ted was married and had a daughter during the marriage.

Ted Earley was a "white collar" criminal before ending up at Pelican Bay with Charlie. Ted was a CEO for a company, which is where he did the insider trading.

He had a strong connection to Charlie because there is a hint that Charlie saved him while in prison.


Before he was sentenced to two years in prison for embezzling millions in pension funds, Ted Earley was a wildly successful financier. A major player at one of the big brokerage houses, he was the one guy who could turn a hundred grand into a cool million before finishing his bagel and coffee. Ted got swept up in the life - the private jets, the fancy cars, the women. As far as Ted was concerned, it was all part of the job. And except for the fact that he had a wife and two young daughters at home, he was right.

Ted met Charlie Crews in Pelican Bay, after a judge made an example of him and sent him to the maximum security facility for his white-collar crime. Charlie, who'd already been at Pelican Bay for close to a decade, took Ted under his wing. For this, Ted is eternally grateful and loyal to Charlie Crews.

When Ted got out of prison, he was in for a huge reality check. Between the divorce, the civil suits, and the SEC fines, Ted was flat out broke. No place to live, no job, and a family who wanted nothing to do with him. When Charlie got out and won his settlement, he offered Ted a place to live and some purpose by letting him invest his money. For Ted, Charlie's the one person who doesn't judge him for what he did. And even though Ted will never admit that he actually committed a crime (in his opinion, it was just a matter of bad timing - if the government hadn't gotten in his way he'd have made those people three times their money), Charlie knows deep down Ted's not a bad guy.[1]


  • During the series it is said by many people who meet Charlie that, "the guy who lives in your garage." In reality, Ted lives in a furnished room above the garage.


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