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Robert "Bobby" Stark
Family Leslie Stark (wife)
Kathy Stark (sister)
Occupation Police officer
Played By Brent Sexton
Officer Robert "Bobby" Stark is a uniform police officer with the Los Angeles Police Department and former partner of Charlie Crews.

Early LifeEdit

When Crews was put on trial for the murder of the Seybolt family, Bobby was unable to support his partner as he was threatened with imprisonment if he testified for his defense.


Twelve years later, after Crews' release, Bobby made successful attempts to reconnect with him, and regularly aids him on cases. Bobby regularly clashes with Crews' new partner, Dani Reese, for a variety of reasons (e.g. being a female cop, being the daughter of Jack Reese and resultant perception of nepotism, being his superior officer, etc.)


Officer Bobby Stark is Detective Charlie Crews' former partner. In 1994, Stark's testimony counted against Crews in his prosecution of the Seybolt murders. In his documentary interviews, Bobby said he didn't feel guilty for what happened to Charlie because Bobby had spoken the absolute truth. The truth was that he couldn't testify to something he didn't see; he couldn't corroborate Charlie's story about the wounds on Charlie's hands that seemingly tied him to the multiple homicide.

Though Crews is now a detective, Bobby remains a uniform cop. Immediately after Crews' return from Pelican Bay, Bobby's behavior became suspicious. Stark seemed keenly interested in reconnecting with Crews. Bobby invited Charlie to his house under the guise of his wife wanting Charlie there. When there, Charlie was blindsided by Stark's angry wife who blamed Charlie for the hardships that Stark endured after Crews went away. Stark's peers had thought that he was corrupt because of his ties to Charlie. No one was willing to partner up with him for four years.

Bobby's odd behavior led Charlie initially to suspect Bobby as part of the conspiracy but Charlie quickly saw through all of Bobby's talk. Bobby's guilt over selling out his partner was his motivation to get closer to Charlie. He just wanted to make amends with his former partner and friend.[1]


Bobby has a wife, Leslie, three kids, and a sister, Kathy, who is a "badge bunny" (i.e. police groupie) who has made romantic advances on Crews.


  • Bobby is played by Brent Sexton.


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