Paul Bodner
Family Wife and daughters
Occupation Special agent of the FBI
Played By Shashawnee Hall

Special Agent Paul Bodner (played by Shashawnee Hall) works for the Federal Bureau of Investigation and is occasionally on loan to the Department of Homeland Security. Bodner originally encountered and came into conflict with Charlie Crews when he came into the LAPD to protect Roman Nevikov, explaining that Nevikov was a protected federal informant. In season 2, Bodner, back with the FBI full-time, confronted Crews with his investigation into Jack Reese, and warned him not to investigate too deeply. Crews later found out Bodner was corrupt; he only came to Nevikov's defense because he was working for him. Bodner was responsible for sending Ted Earley back to prison, and he came to claim jurisdiction over the (fruitless) search of Roman Nevikov's club.

Initially there was conflict between him and Cpt. Kevin Tidwell, but when it was found the murdered engineer was monitoring the site of the future new federal building in Los Angeles, the Joint Terrorism Task Force was called by Tidwell, who in turn sent Bodner. Believing it a possible terrorist operation, Bodner claimed jurisdiction and warned Crews, Reese and Tidwell to stay away from Nevikov, indicating to Crews that he would risk being killed. Bodner fulfilled his threat by going to Crews' house and shooting him in the shoulder and making a successful escape. Crews, however, remembered it was him and, instead of turning him in, shot him in the leg with the same bullet Bodner shot Crews with.

Hostilities between them subsided when Bodner confessed he only worked for Nevikov not because he was corrupt, but because Nevikov threatened his family (demonstrated when he returned home from work to find Nevikov having tea with Bodner's wife and daughter present). Bodner, from this point, worked together with Crews. In the season 2 finale, Crews saved Bodner from being assassinated by one of Nevikov's agents, and Bodner worked with Crews to rescue Reese.