Mickey Rayborn
Occupation Philanthropist, ex-police officers
Played By William Atherton

Mickey Rayborn is a retired officer formerly with the Los Angeles Police Department. After his retirement, he became a highly-influential philanthropist.

He is also a member of the group of six ex-police officers known as The Group.

Season TwoEdit

Rayborn, having learned he is going to die from an unspecified form of cancer, willingly aided Charlie Crews in his investigation of Jack Reese, another member of The Group. Eventually, Rayborn gave up key details of The Group to Crews, giving him some important answers to their activities. After the meeting, Rayborn's private yacht, where he had met Crews last, was found adrift a mile out in sea by the Coast Guard; its deck covered in blood, with Rayborn presumed to have been butchered by Roman Nevikov. In the Season 2 finale, it was revealed not only was Rayborn still alive and hiding from Nevikov, but he was never sick in the first place (his "cancer appointments" were really him gradually stockpiling the blood necessary to properly fake his death); Rayborn worked together with Crews to save Dani from Nevikov.