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Kevin Tidwell
Occupation Homicide Captain
Played By Donal Logue

Captain Kevin R. Tidwell is Charlie Crews and Dani Reese's superior officer following Karen Davis' demotion.


Originally from Hickman County, Tidwell is portrayed as having a very easy-going attitude, but takes his work very seriously when needed.


The LAPD has assigned a new captain to the Robbery/Homicide division. Captain Kevin Tidwell has transferred from his former post in the NYPD. Tidwell is incredibly straightforward; he's heard bout Charlie Crews' reputation for off-the-books conspiracy investigations, but the only conspiracy Tidwell's interested in is whether his wife and his mistress know about each other.

Always wary of a new boss, it would be easy for the detectives in the division to see Captain Tidwell as just a thrice-divorced cad with a slick Big Apple attitude and an inordinate amount of love for an old leather couch. Although at first the captain's demeanor suggests he's a little too comfortable bypassing standards of procedure, it turns out that the ends do justify his unusual means.

The division will soon discover that their new captain has come with experience and ability, and that he is much more competent than he seems. In fact, his raw talent adds valuable perspective to the detectives' homicide investigations. Captain Tidwell is not unlike Charlie Crews in that he's willing to bend a few rules to get to the truth, but what the department quickly realizes is that the new captain is, first and foremost, a great cop.[1]

Season TwoEdit

Over the course of Season 2, Tidwell made subtle, yet growing, romantic advances on Reese. Initially she rebuffed him, but eventually the two began an intimate relationship. Tidwell has three ex-wives, who all still love him, and is extremely paranoid and afraid of earthquakes (due to the fact he doesn't actually understand them).


  • Logue was added to the cast in Season 2, as an effort to lighten Damian Lewis' workload.


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