Crews, Davis and Reese

Karen Davis
Occupation Lieutenant, later demoted to sergeant
Played By Robin Weigert

Lt./Sgt. Karen Davis was the head of the LAPD homicide department and the former commanding officer of Charlie Crews and Dani Reese.


Davis is uptight, by-the-book and cares about enforcing the law, but nevertheless maintained a good friendship with Dani, regularly assisting Dani with her recovery program from addiction. With Crews, however, it was entirely opposite; Davis was distrustful of Crews and believed he didn't belong in the police force following his imprisonment. As a result, Davis regularly attempted to have Crews expelled from the department without success.


  • In between Season 1 and Season 2, Davis, for reasons unknown, was demoted and returned to field work. Davis was originally a main character in Season 1. She made an appearance in the Season 2 episode "Not for Nothing".
  • Karen Davis was played by Robin Weigert.