Jane Seever
Family Four older brothers
Occupation Homicide detective
Played By Gabrielle Union

Jane Seever is a homicide detective with the Los Angeles Police Department. She is currently partnered with Charlie Crews.


Seever has four older brothers.


Seever is a classic overachiever. Perhaps as a result, she can be a sore loser. [1]

Seever has a long-term plan: go to law school, become chief of police, and then mayor of Los Angeles. Her plan got off track temporarily when she competed in the Olympics in the Relay [2]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Seever is a speed reader and can read 12 pages a minute.[3]

She also has an eidetic memory. She read the case file for the Seybolts murder before partnering up with Crews, and was later able to remember every detail of the file.[4]



  1. Crews found this out when someone said he could be mayor in Initiative 38.
  2. She told Crews this in 3 Women.
  3. Crews timed her speed in Initiative 38.
  4. Seever revealed this in One.