James Dunn
Family Mrs. Dunn (widow)
Occupation Police officer
Status Deceased

James Frances Dunn, or Jimmy as referred to by his widow, was a police officer who died in 1988. He went through the police academy with Jack Reese. He was one of the six ex-police officers known as "The Group", and he was the first one who died. The police report said he died by accident as his gun discharged when he was cleaning it. But Mrs. Dunn, his widow, tells Charlie Crews that everyone in the force knew that he committed suicide. The report said otherwise so she could keep his pension.

However, a conversation between Jack Reese and an unidentified man seems to insinuate that Dunn neither died by accident or committed suicide, but was killed by The Group. The unidentified man relates a message from the other members of The Group to Reese, "You go back a long way, but, not for nothing. There was six, there is five, there could just as easily be four." And Reese is seen very upset upon hearing that.

Charlie has a news cutting with a photo on James Dunn's funeral. There are 5 police officers in the photo. Reese is in the front, and the one on the left has been identified by Mrs. Dunn as Mickey Rayborn. The other three still have not been recognized, and whether they are indeed members of The Group is unclear.

A photo of him dressed in uniform is shown on Crews's conspiracy wall.