Charlie, Dani and Jack

Jack Reese
Family Dani Reese (daughter)
Occupation Retired LAPD captain
Played By Victor Rivers
Status Killed, revealed in Episode 2-21: One

Captain Jack Reese (played by Victor Rivers) is a retired LAPD officer, and the father of Dani Reese. He is also a member of a group of 6 ex-police officers known as "The Group". Reese is a retired SWAT captain, highly respected and admired, though unknown to most he was involved in the Bank of Los Angeles Shootout. During the shootout, he led the SWAT team, but behind the scenes, he and his men stole the missing $18 million.

Reese was a key orchestrator in the conspiracy of sending Charlie Crews to prison, and played a cat-and-mouse game with him until he suddenly departed. Roman Nevikov, one of The Group's "investments" who was abandoned by them in favor of Crews, claimed in the second season finale to have subsequently captured and killed Reese.