Dig a Hole
Season Episode
1 10
Air date December 3, 2007
Written by Rand Ravich
Directed by Daniel Sackheim
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Serious Control Issues

Fill it Up



Charlie Crews and Dani Reese track the killer of a Zen Master who was buried alive ten years ago. After interviewing the Zen Master's former students, Crews and Reese find out this Zen Master's life was anything but tranquil. Could one of his former students be responsible for his death? Meanwhile, Crews uncovers incriminating evidence that Dani's father, Jack Reese, may have been involved in the murders for which Crews was imprisoned. [1]


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An apple on his mouth while opening the door of his house to a... horse... which eats from Ted's bowl...


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Conspiracy Q & AEdit

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  • Brooke Langton - Constance
  • Brent Sexton - Bobby Starks
  • Damian Lewis - Charlie Crews
  • Adam Arkin - Ted Early
  • Robin Weigert - Lt. Davis
  • Sarah Shahi - Dani Reese


  • Jennifer Siebel - Jennifer Conover
  • Morann Peri - Pretty Orange Belt
  • Victor Rivers - Jack Reese
  • Matthew Leonard - Large Bouncer
  • Chandler Parker -
  • Fay Masterson - Amy Dujarardin
  • Jude Ciccolella - Luke Dujarardin
  • Roger Aaron Brown - Det. Carl Ames
  • Martin Grey - Mark Conover
  • Merdith Gangrande - Sherri
  • Erin Ross - Ginger
  • Andrew Thacher - Site Foreman
  • Brandon Inge - Alec Dujarardin

External LinksEdit


  1. NBC Press Release – December 3, 2007

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