Serious Control Issues
Season Episode
1 9
Air date November 28, 2007
Written by Laurie Arent
Directed by Marcos Siega
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Dig a Hole



When a runaway girl is found dead underneath a freeway overpass, Detective Charlie Crews and Dani Reese are struck by the death scene. The girl is discovered sitting upright, clutching a guitar, with her throat slit. In the course of their investigation of the murder, they become highly suspicious of the behavior of one of the girl's friends and his father. They quickly discover that they must investigate not one crime, but two. Crews continues to work to protect himself from murder charges related to the death of retired Detective Carl Ames - one of the men who appears to be involved in the conspiracy that resulted in Crews' original incarceration.[1]


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Charlie has a bag of oranges and he offers some to the friends of the murdered girl. Later he shows Dani a dwarf-sized "personal" pineapple in the station.


Crews: I was being serious. Why does nobody take me seriously?


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Conspiracy Q & AEdit

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  • Damian Lewis - Charlie Crews
  • Sarah Shahi - Dani Reese
  • Adam Arkin - Ted Early
  • Robin Weigert - Lt. Davis
  • Brooke Langton - Constance
  • Brent Sexton - Bobby Starks


  • Soren Fulton - Nate
  • Michael Gladis - Dean Gill
  • Victor Rivers - Jack Reese
  • Michael Harney - John Garrity
  • Joseph Lyle Taylor - Ray
  • Phyllis Lyons - Judith Raitt

External LinksEdit


  1. NBC Press Release – December 5, 2007

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