The Fallen Woman
Season Episode
1 5
Air date October 24, 2007
Written by Rand Ravich
Directed by Tony Wharmby
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What They Saw




When a woman wearing angel wings falls to her death Detective Charlie Crews and Dani Reese must figure out if she was pushed or if she jumped. The spectacular nature of the crime results in the precinct offices being flooded by people trying to identify the woman. Amongst the crackpots and cranks and a bare handful of people looking for missing friends and relatives, they come across Jasper Willens, who identifies the angel as Lena Willens, his wife. Crews and Reese discover that their fallen angel was part of a scam targeting American men who marry Russian brides. They find themselves trying to track down the ringleader of the human trafficking organization that is running the scam, a Russian who appears to be untouchable. [1]


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Charlie kills a green apple while waiting for Julia to start talking.


[Crews and Reese are investigating a crime scene where a woman wearing angel wings is found dead]
Crews: It's a dead angel.
Reese: It's a dead woman with a pair of fake wings.
Crews: How do you know.
Reese: Well I know the wings are fake because I can see the harness right there.
Crews: Maybe it's a real angel with fake wings.
Reese: Why would a real angel have... no, no I'm not doing this with you.

Crews: Just because the wings were fake doesn't mean she wasn't an angel.
Reese: Isn't there an off button.
Crews: I know she wasn't an angel, on-a-cloud-with-a-harp-angel, but maybe she was angel in the way we all might be angels.
Reese: We all might be angels? Crews let me tell you something, you know there may be a few things that I don't know about myself but I'm sure I'm not an angel
Crews: See that is exactly the kind of humble thing an angel might say. [Places an angel statuette on the dashboard, Reese grabs it and throws it away] That was very hostile.
Reese: That wasn't close to hostile.

[Two teenagers have thrown a mannequin wearing angel wings off of a building]
Crews: Whose genius idea is this?[No response] What do you say Reese, write 'em up and send 'em home? We all did things like this when we were young, you know pranks.[Reese says nothing] Well I tried, good luck.
Reese: You know what I was doing when I got the call to investigate this, I was investigating a homicide what you have done is waste my time, throwing that off a roof was a crime, but wasting my time is what you both are gonna pay for. Take 'em in. [The boys are taken away, Reese turns to Crews] That was hostile.
Crews: Maybe she isn't an angel.

Reese: No ID on her or left in the room.
Crews: It's like she fell out of the sky.
Reese: She fell out of a window.
Crews: It's like she was no one.
Reese: No one is no one.
Crews: Now you sound like me.
Reese: [startled] Take that back.
Crews: Would it be so bad?

[Reese notices the angel statuette on the dashboard again and grabs it but can't remove it]
Crews: Industrial glue. It's what holds us together


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