Let Her Go
Season Episode
1 3
Air date October 10, 2007
Written by Glen Mazzara
Directed by Lawrence Trilling
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Tear Asunder

What They Saw



Crews and Reese investigate the carjacking of a husband and wife. The wife is killed in the course of the crime, but the husband is found wandering in confusion nearby, with no memory of the actual crime. Crews and Reese track down a likely suspect, but the husband seems to be unwilling to ID the suspect, allowing him to walk free. Confused by this, Crews works to find out what the husband is hiding. Despite counsel against it from his lawyer, Constance Griffiths, Crews pays a visit to Carl Ames, the detective who oversaw his original murder investigation 12 years ago. [1]


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Chocolate covered green apple on a stick (shudders!) that he couldn't finish and offered to Dani.


Charlie Crews: I think I might go into space.
Dani Reese: Space?
Crews: Yeah you can pay the russians to take you up there now.
Reese: So after spending twelve years in a box down here you're gonna pay the russian to put you in a box up there?
Crews: I think they mentioned something about jetpacks.

[talking about a car]

Charlie Crews: Does it have GPS?
Maldito: You don't want that. The man track you like a dog with GPS.
Lackey: Like a dog.
Crews: Yeah, yeah you're right I don't want that, the man will track me with that.
Reese: Crews you are the man.
Crews: Oh yes, yeah right, I am the man.

[After Crews gets into a knife fight with an escaping criminal]

Dani Reese: I want you to give me your knife.
Charlie Crews: My knife, why?
Reese: Because I want to swear a blood oath with you and I need something to cut my pinkie. Give me you knife or I burn you with you IAD for not using your service weapon when you should have. [Crews is reluctant] I need to know my partner is a cop and not a con. [Crews gives her the knife] Anything else you carrying from the old days? Sharpened toothbrush, lightbulb full of bleach?

[About the husband of the murder victim]

Charlie Crews:We have to use his own strength against him.
Dani Reese: His strength, what's his strength?
Crews: His weakness.
Reese: His weakness is his strength?
Crews: Exactly, it's like the one-handed clap.
Reese: Are you really zen?
Crews: I'm zennish.


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