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Dani Reese
Family Jack Reese (father)
Occupation Detective
Played By Sarah Shahi
Dani Reese is a homicide detective in the Los Angeles Police Department. She is partnered with Charlie Crews.



Dani Reese is second generation LAPD. Her father, a career cop, demanded a great deal from Dani while she was growing up, but he did not want his daughter joining the force. He didn't want Dani seeing the things he had seen. Unfortunately for him, Dani found the ideal role model in his partner, Karen Davis.

Dani joined the force and quickly proved herself to be an excellent cop. Her superiors selected Dani as one of the few females to work undercover narcotics. In the seedy drug underworld of Los Angeles, Dani not only succeeded, she excelled. Dani was always drawn to danger, but now the line between doing her job and earning the trust of criminals has began to blur.

Lt. Davis, her father's old partner and now her mentor, used her considerable clout to protect Dani and get her treatment. Now clean for twenty-one months, she is back on active duty.

Dani has decided to make her partnership with Charlie work, though she knows babysitting him is part of her punishment. Unlike her new partner, Dani didn't get a settlement when she got out of rehab. But she is a good cop, and a good cop always supports her partner, even if that partner is Charlie Crews. She has a couple of questions she'd like to ask Charlie: Why did he come back? How does his mind work? But she has made up her mind not to trust anyone. She has put up a wall around herself in order to stay safe - it's just that the one person she might be able to trust is sitting in the car right next to her.[1]

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  • She is portrayed by Sarah Shahi.


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